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Isnin, 6 Mei 2013 | 0 Sweet Sour Comment

Assalamualaikum ..

Long time i don't see n update my blog, suddenly miss like crazy to update story. hehe.  Alhamdulillah, on 30/4/2013 , im officially finished my study at Kedah Matriculation College. of course i will miss anything. my lecturer, friends, my own cubical , my room, my roomate, my machine tin kedegang tht have many nescafe in there , just enter RM 2 to get it..ouhhh very meritorious, i miss my lecture room, tuto class , langkasuka ,    k-op, atm n everythingggggggg.

im totally sad, because i don't know my friends at all. hmmm :( but i wish, hopefully we will meet up again. Maybe went we r continue our study in this september?  asmida, thnks yoeee ~~ because deign to be my friend. im appreciate it. when happy, u r bside me, when i have prob, u also beside me, i always sick , when i open my eyes, u r beside me. sob sob :'( u gve me drugs when i feel dizzy. if this memory can return, i want to cry in front u, n i will said " please dont leave me . not easy to get a friend like u." seriously :-)

today, we already dont meet again. insyaAllah, if we have time, i wanna meet u. :( please dont lost our contct. sorry i dont have anything to give for u, just my words, my vedio i give u, n our memory tht my present from me for u. hpefully our relationship will remain until jannah.  May Allah bless u dear, :-) uhibukki fillah, im gonna miss u damn so much. 

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